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Extensive Data

Our wide range of market data includes cryptocurrency trade data, order book data, blockchain data and historical data. We ensure the integrity and accuracy of our data through rigorous processes.

High-performance infrastructure

Our infrastructure is running on multiple servers across several data centres to ensure the fastest data delivery and the lowest latency possible. We have redundant hosting and load-balanced environments for maximum reliability.

Secure Access

Our API endpoints are encrypted through SSL so user traffic is secured when requesting data. To ensure maximum security, we also sign the API requests and require registration and the generation of an API Key.

Our Data


The Ticker of the trading pair includes the latest price, 24hours high/low price, latest ask/bid, 24hour trading volume, 24hour price change.

Orderbooks (Depth)

The trading of the trading pair shows the pending order of the selling price of the complete commissioning committee, and the highest observable trading is 100 orders.


The historical transaction record of the transaction pair records each transaction. Contains price and volume.


The OHLCV contains five data: open, high, low, close, vol, reflecting the status and price information of the general trend.


The cryptocurrency information includes name, symbol, market value ranking, market value, liquidity, total amount, transaction volume, official website, and ERC20 contract address.


Exchange information includes name, volume, ranking, deal pair, and their historical data.

Historical & Realtime Price

The currency price contains real-time and historical data, which is obtained by calculating the weighted average of Ticker and then cleaning it.

Blockchain Data(Beta)

The blockchain data is the transaction and address data on the blockchain. Dozens of blockchain data queries have been supported. This feature is Beta and is only available to some users.

Exchange Rate

The exchange rate of the currency is based on the exchange rate of more than 100 kinds of legal currency, which is derived from the foreign exchange exchange and the bank's exchange rate.

Crypto Currency
Fiat Currency
Market Pairs
Historical Rows


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Accessing Data

We provide widget that can be executed on any HTML-based web page. There are also 100 free requests per day, which can be tested without an API KEY.

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