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What is block.cc?

At Beta stage we only open some of the features to meet your basic but very important needs. We have access to hundreds of exchange platforms, and have truely recorded every transaction data which will be open to everyone.

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What can you do with Block.cc?
  • Inverstment Opportunities

    Directly accessing to exchange platforms and getting massive amounts of data to ensure the authenticity and timeliness of data. For users to discover the market trends and explore new opportunities.
  • Blockchain News

    The worldwide information of blockchain is fully collected, covering instant news such as policies, markets, and opinions. Information sources cover domestic and foreign news, social media, reports and others, you will never miss out any news.
  • Market Research

    Completely include information on up to 7,275 projects, 5,745 exchange platforms, 1,000 investment teams, and collate detailed information such as detailed files, relationships, and big events to help users to further research and analyze.
What services does Block.cc offer?
  • Markets Interface

    Cover quotes of 5,745 coins
    Open data: 3 billion +
  • News Interface

    Increase 200+ daily
    Open data: 100,000 +
  • Projects Interface

    Increase 428 monthly
    Open data: about 7,000
  • Web Widget

    Connect in 3s
    Open source
  • Distributed database

    Block.cc adopts distributed database TiDB, which features horizontal scalablity, single table with big data as well as perfect performance in searching, reading and writing. With a fault self-recovery system, TiDB can store multi-copy data and ensure the continuity.
  • Data Source

    Block.cc data sources and proportions: Exchanges API docking 70%; Collection from strategic cooperative media 10%; Investment organization research 10%; Mannual editing cleaning and verification 10%.
  • Data quality maintenance

    With direct connection to 428 exchanges, Block.cc records billions of real-time trading data as well as intelligently verifies, dedupilicates and filteres data. Moreover, Block.cc docks more than 200 media, and achieves automatic content classification and recognition.
  • Renewal mechanism

    Block.cc market data supports the Websocket protocol to achieve active push and real-time update of market data. All files of cryptocurrency and exchanges will be tracked by Block.cc permanently.
  • Call method and frequency

    Users need to use the HTTPS Protocol to request ther server to access the API, and establish an SSL connection with the server. Information will be encrpted and more secure. Update frequency: Non-member 1 time/min.; Member 32 times/min.; VIP 128-2048 times/min.
  • Customization (VIP)

    Currently, our API service is still in BETA stage, and only three types of service interfaces are open. If you have the needs of customerized services, please contact us.
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  • Recirculating


Block.cc adopts a secure link for data interfacing to ensure that all data is kept secure. One-time access allows you to quickly access multiple exchanges simultaneously, and to loop calling.