Market System Solutions
  • — Aggregate real-time worldwide market and historical data of digital assets
  • — Open file source of 5,412 cryptocurrencies and 422 exchange platforms
  • — Share domestic and international blockchain industry trends, plocies and hotspots, etc.
Open source widge

Code that can be executed on any HTML-based web page

Real-time market

Top 10 cryptocurrencies

Data source: market server

Real-time News

7x24 Live Worldwide

Data source: market server

Real-time Price

Displayed in multiple ways

Sample 1: Price of the whole network (average price of 382 exchanges)

Sample 2: Price of the whole network, rank, market cap and 24H volume.

Sample 3: Price of the whole network and 24H real-time K-line.

Data source: market server

Open API

Fully open our own data, making it easy for all developers to apply data to secondary applications

  • Digital Assets Market

    What is digital asset?

    Digital assets are typical representatives of the blockchain economy, which cater to the trend of the age, and there are 4,000 + coins worldwide. Digital assets are high-risk speculative products, which require the risk percepetion, market judgement, exchange platform selection ability, and the comprehensiveness, authenticity and invalidity of market data.

    What does market service include?

    Market data API provides real-time digital assets market data snapshot, including real-time market of bitcoin, market data of the day, historical daily trading data and trading depth.

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  • Blockchain Information

    What is blockchain?

    The blockchain is essentially a decentralized distributed ledger database. Blockchain technology is still not mature, and the applicable scenarios are limited, but it is gradually stabilizing progress.

    What does information service include?

    Obtain different types of blockchain related news according to information interface,including domestic and internatioanal focus, views of blockchain influencers, industry trends, etc. The featured content includes express news, real-time news, social media translation and exchange announcement.

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  • Database Enquiry

    What is database?

    According to the information interface, news data associated with various types of block chains can be obtained, including domestic focus, international focus, Cafe viewpoint, industry dynamics, etc. Features include news, real-time news, social media translation, exchange announcements.

    What does database search service include?

    It covers the fine-grained fields such as time, regions, contents, and hot spots, and classifies and clusters massive text content data, including digital assets files, exchange platform files, project files, and investment institution files.

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